Surf Anywhere

C. dobrodružný vodní sportovní film / Režie: Desiree Bilon / Země: Kanada / Délka: 10 min.

You can surf anywhere – even 1500m above sea level and 1000km away from the nearest ocean. This is the story of a group of river surfing pioneers who are building not only a world-class wave on the Kananaskis River (forty-five minutes outside of landlocked Calgary, Alberta, Canada) but also a river surfing community.

Director Biography - Desiree Bilon, Glenn Dixon

The first time I worked on set, I was a stand-in for Elle Macpherson during the filming of The Edge. From that point onward I was fascinated by the art of filmmaking and production. As a competitive surfer in 2012, I was featured in two episodes of the Endorphin TV pilot in Mexico, but after sustaining a serious injury I moved back to Canada and won a scholarship from the Writers’ Trust of Canada to study creative writing at Humber College. For the past two years I have also been working as a professional photographer. My writing and photographs have been published in print and online magazines such as, Great Ocean Quarterly, Kurungabaa, LATER, Matador Network and Planeta Surf. My dream now is to inspire others with my films.