Sahara - Treasures in a Sea of Sand

D cestopisný film / Režie: Eva-Maria Rauert, Frank Siegwart / Země: Německo / Délka: 43 min.

The Sahara Desert is the largest desert on our planet. In the dry sand, Dirk Steffens discovers unexpected treasures: unique life, traces of long lost empires, precious goods and hidden water. In the parched Sahara, water is a precious good. Rainfalls are rare and occur only locally. In many areas there has been no precipitation for years. And once it rains, the water often evaporates before reaching the ground. Man has developed elaborate methods to survive, to even draw water from dunes. Dirk Steffens demonstrates how man and beast survive in one of the most barren environments on our planet. They even manage to coax the most hidden treasures out of the Queen of the Deserts.