Reach for the sky

Režie: Ryan Cleek / Země: USA / Délka: 78 min.

Danger. Reward. Adrenaline. Freeride mountain biking is synonymous with pushing the known boundaries of the sport. Cam Zink sits atop the Freeride world having won its most coveted titles, the Red Bull Rampage, Crankworx Slopestyle, and the Freeride World Tour, yet those accolades have not come without a physical price. He has transcended cycling media, and his super-human feats have become broadcast television and Internet sensations.

Director Biography

A resident of Santa Cruz, California, “Reach For The Sky” Director, Ryan Cleek, is a graduate of Butler University’s School of Journalism. Racing bicycles since he was only five years old, his enthusiasm for cycling carried over to his career, where for 10 years he was a staff writer and photographer (Editor) of the world’s largest print mountain bike magazine. From 2011 to 2014 Cleek was the Creative Content Producer for Specialized Bicycles Global Marketing division, before leaving to focus on finishing “Reach For The Sky.”