La Congenialità - The Attitude of Gratitude

B. horský a horolezecký film / Režie: Martin Go / Země: Německo / Délka: 30 min.

Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are an odd pair. As an alpinist, Simone prefers to take the hard way and has nearly 30 years of winter climbing experience. Tamara, on her way to achieving a long and successful career in ski mountaineering, is just 30 years old. Despite the age difference, these two shared a similar goal and their roles were clear—he the wise mentor, she the eager student. But as the team heads for Kanchenjunga to attempt the highest traverse across 8000-meter peaks, their roles begin to shift.

Director Biography - Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt is an independent writer and director focussing on documentaries for television and cinema for many years. The graduated geographer and science journalist Schmidt frequently travels to remote corners of the earth as a mountaineer and filmmaker. His internationally award-winning films are known for the very personal stories they tell about exceptional protagonists in the realm of adventure, outdoor sport, society and science. Schmidt is based in Munich, where he lives with his girlfriend and their two daughters.