A. dobrodružný a extrémní sportovní film / Režie: Alessandro Beltrame / Země: Itálie / Délka: 25 min.

Four women, four elite ultra runners talk about their double lives: as working, family women and as mountain runners. Albeit seemingly opposite, life as a woman and as an athlete need each other to exist. These are normal women, who, at a certain point in their lives, decided to use their strength, stubbornness and dedication to do extraordinary things, to explore new paths. Juliette, a scrupulous scientist, dreams of being able to fly to the moon; Uxue is often present on international podiums; Audrey is dynamic, good-looking, modern: she jumps from planes with the same ease and grace she shows while tackling trails; Yulia is deceptively gentle, but determined and with a strong will, a will which allowed her to survive a life-threatening illness. The four Vibram Trailrunning Team members are special women; women who dare to go beyond, to explore the uncharted land that goes beyond their nature.

Director Biography - Alessandro Beltrame

He works with movies from 1989, he has a scientific background with I.T. and electronic skills. Owner of AGB video production company. Combining work and passions, he enjoys mountain climbing, rock and ice climbing, high mountains expeditions, running and biking, scuba-diving and downhill skiing.