B. horský a horolezecký film / Režie: Teresa Hoerl / Země: Německo / Délka: 21 min.

Steph Davis chose climbing. The law student left school in her early twenties and followed her passion for the sport, earning a number of climbing achievements from Yosemite to Patagonia. For a while she called her car home before eventually settling in Moab, Utah, and discovered her second passion: BASE jumping. Although she‘s suffered many losses, including the death of her husband Mario Richards in a wingsuit accident, she‘s never regretted having chosen her unconventional way of life—a life full of extraordinary choices proving that what seems to be a wrong decision at first can be the right one.

Director Biography - Teresa Hoerl

Born and raised in rural Bavaria, Teresa Hoerl was passionate about theatre, dance, and the ne arts from an early age. In 2004 she started her studies in theatre and drama at Munich and London University. 2006/2007 she showed her first live art projects, stage productions and video installations at Harold Pinter Drama Studio in London. Teresa Hoerl received her Master of Arts in 2009 and started further studies in film directing at the University of Television and Film in Munich. So far she directed several short films, commercial films and music videos. In 2017 she released her short film „Familienzuwachs“ and won the Hessian film award.